Gun control: using both hands.
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[1024 x 768 jpg]

Submitted by
AddedJan 09 2002

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Posted Comments

That's a SOCOM, right?
y does it say...
y does it say on the armoury that this gun a nd the para r ingame?
It means it's gonna be out in 2.87.
man im gonna love this gun
im soooo gonna make a lodout with only this and its attachments
Yeah but i heard the Silencer takes out the stopping power
yeah it does... ...but it's still kick-ass!
if'n you make your first shot count then stopping power isnt a problem
'course, I'll be the one running around shooting it just for fun :P
this gun rules, nuff said
"Col., This is Snake. Can you read me?"
o hot their putting a mark 23 in game thats gonna kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know.
Wow, a INF model with passable textures. Miracles happen, folks.
There is no PARA in INF, the para is for paratroopers. INF hasinfanty1
The only thing that has reduced power is the rnd, it needs 2 b subsnic
Grumpy Bear
for al the fuckign morons otu there, the para isn't the para
the para is called the m249 use the proper naem fuckers
that silencer is kinda huge for that gun. imo. :/
Aren't the Mk23's .45 rounds already subsonic?
the jackal
put this up your ass!!!!!

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